Saturday, December 19, 2009


Replica God.

Beware of Junk and Fraud. Replica God also go by Swiss Grade One. Both are junk. The Yachtmaster arrived with bezel unglued, and the GMT arrived with a defective bezel insert. What you would expect from $100 to $300 junk -- believe that’s exactly what they are selling. Believe it’s a one man show who goes by the name “Louie.” Louie refuses to give out his business address, his last name or the full legal name of anyone else responsible at his business.

The Story: I collect original watches and have bought and sold for years. My too-young relatives wanted a “Rolex,” so I bought them knock-offs from

Replica God claims “high knock-off quality.” They require a separate page card authorization release which provides for seven day return, with fine print stating that if the buyer removes “original wrapping removed from the watch.” Received the watches two weeks later. Quality was poor. The Yachtmaster arrived with bezel unglued, the GMT with a defective bezel insert. Can tell knock-offs by casual look. Each watch has a clear plastic that wraps part of the band. There is a big red arrow on the plastic indicating the way to unwrap. This type of plastic wrap is common and usually on the face. At a watch counter or by mail order one removes it to try the watch then re-wraps. Every watch sold works this way.

Their wrap is unique in that it does not simply wrap back. Their clever game is (1) the release does not say what they mean by “original wrapping,” and when you get the watch two weeks later and see the usual temp re-movable and re-wrappable wrap, with a big red how to remove arrow, you do what everyone does. Then they play “I got you.” When they send refund instructions they say no refund -- “please make sure your watch is in the same condition as it was received with plastic still intact on the bracelet or the return is void and the watch will be returned to you.” They can now communicate. After it was clear they would not give me money back, I told them I want their address because I want to go to Court. “Louie” refused to give any persons name or business address.

I gave Louie the option of having his Brooklyn friend swing buy with my money and I will give him is watches. He passed. They will now be used for Court.

“Louie” drop ships at FedEx in Brooklyn and puts a return address in Alabama labeled only as “Jason.” Apparently, they don’t do last names. He instructs returns at a private apartment in Brooklyn. They put a fake address or dead end address as shipping address labeled only as “Louie.” Louie sent me emails from “customer service” and from “returns” -- he did not bother to realize those are also “Louie’s email address as well. Get this final reply email reply from “Louie”!!

“As for courts and judges, I could care less. We are not even a USA company and are totally offshore with no USA presence, other then our shippers. You could win a million dollar default judgement and it wouldn't mean anything.

Who are you going to serve? Good luck trying to find us.”

“Louie does two things. He sells junk and he operates so he can’t be found. Require him to provide his full legal name. If “Louie” gives you a new name, send him my regards.